“We would be part of a free trade zone” No Mr Gove ok? Just No.

In a question and answering time with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, Micheal Gove who is a Conservative MP and Secretory of State for Justice argued that if the UK were to leave the EU we would be able to trade freely within Europe and we would also be “free from EU regulation which costs us billions of pounds a year”.

OK. I don’t know much about international free trade, but as a final year sociology student I understand that it is not as easy as Mr Gove makes it sound.
First of all, if we are able to trade freely within Europe, how will that benefit UK citizens? In fact how will the “European free trade zone” benefit people like me (university students), and young people in general?

It seems to me that Mr Gove and other Brexit supporters are overshadowed by the idea of the UK not being subject to EU laws and the UK not having to accept EU laws on freedom of movement within the EU.
However, I strongly believe that more time should be spent on encouraging young people to be more engaged in political matters such as the EU referendum which will affect us the most as the next generation of this country. Thus, it is crucial for the UK government to focus on how to get more young people to understand politics, the impacts it has on their lives and how they can get their voices heard.

And no its not because young people do not care about politics. We just do not know enough to understand how much it affects us.

Written by By Anabel Acheampong

My position in the referendum: i will be voting to remain in the EU On the 23rd June. This is because I believe that as a young person living and studying in the UK, I have the privilege and the access to travel around countries in the EU. Also I feel that voting to remain in the EU will help me with my future career, especially when it comes to working abroad. Most importantly, I will be voting to remain in the EU because I believe that the EU promotes human rights for everybody.