UK benefits from European migrants

The research, me and my colleagues had done indicates that migration to the UK from other European countries is beneficial for the UK in many ways. The most debated part of the migration from the EU to the UK is the economic benefit of these migrants for the UK. Well, according to most studies European migrants are not a drain on Britains finances. They pay out far more in taxes than they receive in state benefits and are less likely to live in social housing. European migrants also tend to be more educated and are much more likely to start businesses  than British nationals.

European migrants also make Britain more diverse, open-minded, accepting and attractive place. Overall, the UK benefits from European migration economically and socially and thus leaving the EU will have very negative impact on both, British economy and society.

Written by By David Janotka

My name is David Janotka and I am originally from Slovakia. I have spent many years in the UK studying and working and the upcoming EU referendum concerns me mainly because I do not know how will be my future in the case Britain decides to leave. I worry mainly about the issues as the right to work, the right to start business and to what extent I will be able to continue my life the way I live now.

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  1. David Janotka
    David Janotka says:

    Hi Leonardo,

    Thank you for your comment. Well, things have changed but the other way around. 2013-2014 was the peak when it comes to the migration from the EU to the UK. Since then, more people from the EU left the UK than migrated to the UK as the result of British slow economic recovery and low wages and high cost of living in the UK compared to other EU countries such as Germany, Austria and Scandinavian countries.

  2. leonardo says:

    The above link of The Guardian is on 2014, now we are on 2016, obviously something is changed, maybe too many people came across Europe, especially the northern countries like Norway, Sweden and UK.

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