The vote that the British people should never have been asked to cast: the European elections

European elections. The big winner was the Brexit Party.


One third of votes were cast for parties that support no deal. The Brexit Party swept across Britain, and the Liberal Democrats and Green Party also made gains. On average turnout was 36.7%, up a little less than two percentage points on the last EU election in 2014.

Young people could turn the Brexit tide

How UK young people voted in the EU elections 2019. UK Electoral Commission data from April showed that one in three young people (defined as 18-34s) were not registered to vote, a starkly low figure in comparison to the over 95% of over 65’s registered.


Table: European Parliament election turnout % by country 1979—2019

Member States 1979 1984 1989 1994 1999 2004 2009 2014 2019
United Kingdom 32.35% 32.57% 36.37% 36.43% 24% 38.52% 34.7% 35.60% 37%
Average EU Turnout 61.99% 58.98% 58.41% 56.67% 49.51% 45.47% 42.97% 42.61% 50.82


Written by By Project staff