Big Business and Brexit

This article talks about how Mr. Murdoch, the owner of the biggest media empire in the world, congratulated to Michael Gove on his decision to back Brexit. This move might make many people think that a lot of powerful business people want to see Britain separate from the EU as it would give them more power during negotiations with policymakers.They could influence the regulations and policies in the UK the way that is more convenient for their interests much easier as they would have to negotiate only with British politicians and not all the EU representatives. That could potentially have a negative impact on the policies like employees benefits and employees protection.

Written by By David Janotka

My name is David Janotka and I am originally from Slovakia. I have spent many years in the UK studying and working and the upcoming EU referendum concerns me mainly because I do not know how will be my future in the case Britain decides to leave. I worry mainly about the issues as the right to work, the right to start business and to what extent I will be able to continue my life the way I live now.